Rise & Fall of the Trains

This morning in a fit of over-achieving parenting I decided to swap out the duplos for the brio train set. The trains had been Gavin’s when he was growing up and they moved from my MIL’s attic into our garage shortly after we bought our house.

With a fair bit of HALP! from Oliver we set up the tracks. Half an hour later, the table’s surface was maximized to the best of our ability: two over passes, an under pass, a boat dock, fueling station, pier, foliage, signs and accessories.

This glorious set up kept O busy for a solid half-hour (monumentally long time for a 2-year-old) before he moved on to other, more exciting, activities (mainly “playing” with Baby P).

As the day went on, playing with the train set became less about playing with trains and more about climbing on the table, creating epic train crashes and taking the tracks apart to use as a guitar.

O is still learning how to be careful with toys, and by the end of the day much of the track had been disassembled and many of the trains were strewn across the floor.
I don’t plan to pick up trains and reassemble track every night, so once he went to bed we scaled down the track and accessories. Only about a third of it is left, which is enough that he can drive his trains in a giant loop over one bridge. We’ll see how well that works in the morning.
Eventually, when he learns to pick up his own toys on a regular basis and keep the trains on the table, we can expand the tracks again.

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