Baby P’s YouTube Debut

Baby Patrick has officially made his YouTube Debut (

I have also caught up on uploading the growing backlog of video dating back to O’s second birthday. So, for your YouTube viewing pleasure, I’ve listed the videos I’ve posted and a brief summary of each. Here they are in chronological order with the oldest ones first:

(Jan. 2011) Cupcake Demolition 2011 ( aka O’s second birthday. We sing happy birthday and then O gets nervous about blowing out the candle. There are also photos of the happy event. For some reason it is formatted as wide-screen so some of the photos are cropped oddly and people are missing their heads.

(March 2011) Que Sera, Sera – the toddler won’t let it be ( O plays with the musical tin he got from Oma for Christmas 2009. Sadly, shortly after this video was filmed, the music box was over-spun and suffered one too many falls off the dresser. It is now sitting in our garage. If anyone knows how to fix it (for free or nearly free) we’re open to ideas, O is very fond of it.

(April 2011) Adventures of the Magical Laundry Basket ( fairly self-explaintory, O loves to play in the laundry basket, it is one of his favorite toys.

These BOOS! are Made for Walking ( O enjoys borrowing Mommy’s $5 cowboy boots. He is now tall enough, they no longer go past his legs up to his torso (those would now be Mommy’s rain boos). He can shuffle/walk around in them, and throughly enjoys doing so.

(May 2011) Diaper-Clad Backpack RockStar & Adventurer ( O got a new backpack (the one he’s wearing) from “Auntie” Leslie in Munich. Shortly after it arrived, he refused to take it off for a several hours. He also grabbed the foam pad (previously used to spare one’s knees when kneeling to bathe the toddler) and used it as a guitar (he does this rather often).

(June 2011) Meet Baby P ( fairly self-explanitory, baby P’s first YouTube video, starring along with YouTube veteran no-longer-Baby-O.

Working out at the Floor Gym ( baby P’s second YouTube video in which he wiggles and kicks on his new floor gym. See related blog post, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (June 29, 2011)

(July 2011) O likes to HALP! ( O enjoys HALPing Mommy with the laundry. He enjoys HALPing sorting the laundry, loading & unloading the washer & dryer, and sorting out things like socks to “assist” in the folding process. He is a very good little HALPer. When we are DUM-DUM with the task at hand, the basket must go WAY! and then ME-ME gets to take the laundry basket and continue his laundry-inspired play. See related blog post, O likes to HALP! (July 1, 2011)

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