compromise parenting

Today it was in the high 50s (58 to be exact) and drizzling. Yes, I know it is June. I had 4 loads of laundry to do, a newborn who wanted attention, and a toddler who asked to go “side” almost every time he got near the back door.

Postponing the inevitable took most of the morning: I had the toddler help me sort laundry, load the washer, line up his trucks on his table, organize the play kitchen, and then it was time to make lunch.

Of course, the toddler had no interest in lunch and only wanted to go “side” – going so far as opening the sliding glass door. Ok, fine, so instead of forcing the lunch issue, I forced the you-must-wear-a-jacket-and-boots issue and let the toddler out in the cold and drizzle.

playing with water in the drizzle

We both won, the toddler got to go “side” and we had lunch in peace – don’t worry, the toddler eventually came back inside and snacked most of the afternoon.

One thought on “compromise parenting

  1. Sounds like Oma’s weather on the Heiderhof. Still miss the A/C?
    Love you lots. Irene & Pete

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