Patrick at One Month + FAQ

Patrick has been living with us for a month now, during that time, we’ve had a lot of people ask a lot of questions, so we’re going to address some of them here and share more cute baby photos.

Patrick at 1 Month

And now for the growing FAQ:

Q: “Patrick” is an Irish name, who in the family is Irish? A: “Patrick” is not actually an Irish name. Patrick is derived from the Latin name Patricius (patrician, i.e. “nobleman”). The name Patrick is commonly associated with Ireland because of St. Patrick and because it is a popular name there.

To the best of our knowledge no one on either side of our family is Irish. We are also not Roman, but much of where our families once lived (Germany, Greece, France, Spain, England, etc.) was over-run by Romans at some point or another. Kindli is a bit of a geek and has been listening to the History of Rome podcast (most excellent btw), and Gavin vetoed the other Roman-inspired names.

Q: How is Patrick different from Oliver? A: Their names are spelled differently, Oliver is 28 months older and can walk/talk/eat solids/etc.

Q: Are you getting any sleep? A: How are you defining “sleep” – 6 to 8 hours a night in one lump? No, we’re not getting 6-8 hours in one lump.

Q: Does Patrick sleep? Where? When? A: Everyone sleeps (eventually, out of necessity), newborns just sleep differently. Where Patrick sleeps, really depends on what else is going on. So far, he has slept in his play yard, in his carseat, in the ergo/sling/baby carrier, vibrating baby seat, in the moses basket by our bed, in his crib, in our bed, while being held, etc. As for when, there are no set hours, he sleeps when he feels the need.

Q: Are you sleeping when the baby is sleeping? A: No, neither is the toddler and someone has to keep an eye on him.

Q: How does Oliver like Patrick? A: Oliver is very possessive and protective of “MEE-BAY-BEE” (his term for P, the MEE is possessive). Oliver is very fond of “patting” Patrick, and likes to “hulp!” burp him.

Q: OMG you’re using a pacifier & occasionally giving him a bottle?! A: Yeah, so?

Q: Are you going to try for a girl? A: Everyone knows someone who knows someone who kept having boys (usually 3 or 4) in an attempt to have a girl. We like our two boys just fine. Someday we hope Oliver & Patrick will bring home nice girls so we can have daughter-in-laws (although, we’re OK if they bring nice boys home too, and if they’d prefer to remain bachelors that’s understandable as well).

Q: Why haven’t you taken/shared as many photos of Patrick as you did of Oliver? Why are there no photos of Kindli with the boys? A: We’ve been busy juggling a 2 year old, his friends & activities, a newborn, maintaining the house and Gavin’s gone back to work. While the camera is usually around, there isn’t always a hand free to snap photos. Kindli is usually the one taking photos.

Q: What (if anything) are you doing differently this time? A: They are different little people so the experience is different (how? it just is). We are making adjustments as the need arises. A few examples: This time we already have an active 2 year old who already has activities, so the baby gets to come along to them as well. It is also summer (instead of the dead of winter), so we’re spending more time outside.

Q: When are you going back to work? A: What do you mean “back to work?” I have not had a day off in the last 2 1/2 years.

Q: How do you not go crazy? A: That’s a very rude question.

Q: Have a question about the birth in general or some physical aspect of Patrick? A: We’re not answering those.

If you’re really curious about what it is like raising two boys, you’re welcome to borrow ours for an afternoon/evening/possibly weekend (once they’re older), or have some of your own, they’re fun!

If you have more questions, leave them in the comments, we’ll get to them eventually.

3 thoughts on “Patrick at One Month + FAQ

  1. Awesome. 🙂 Thanks for sharing a slice of your life with us! 🙂 How wonderful to have such unique experiences with your two boys! 😀 Precious!

  2. You. are. hilarious. Hahaha. I’ve gotten very similar questions about our two girls! Hehehe. Love all your answers. Especially about the pacifier/bottle issue. People need to get over their judgments and freely doled advice. I’m also the picture taker for our family, so I don’t appear in very many photos. Usually, that’s okay, because I look like I haven’t changed out of my pajamas most of the time (which, actually, many times, I haven’t).

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