AC some days I miss you

O is capable of opening our new back door (but thankfully not the screen) to let himself go “side!” so we decided to get an outdoor thermometer to have an idea of just how hot it was so we didn’t accidentally roast the little guy.

This morning at 11:30 the temperature outside was creeping past 90. I refuse to let the toddler out in that sort of heat.

Inside it was a comfortable 74 downstairs and 76 upstairs.

We don’t have an air conditioner.

Every night we open all the windows upstairs, and turn on the house-wide fan so the cool night air is circulated through the house. In the morning, we close all the windows, and close the blinds and thermal curtains on the south and east sides of the house.

We do our best not to open any windows or doors unnecessarily during the day. We don’t cook any thing hot, use the toaster oven instead of the regular oven, and grill outside in the evenings. Using this system, most days the house stays under 80, on days it does not, we go on an adventure to somewhere with an AC system.

Thankfully, most days, by late afternoon it has cooled off enough outside to open the doors and windows again and repeat the process.

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