Exciting Times

The boys and I have had an exciting busy week. We went to Mini Music on Monday, Gavin went back to work on Wednesday, and we made several trips to the park: we stroller down the hill in the morning, meet up with friends and then Gavin picks us up around lunch time, it works quite nicely.

Patrick continues to excel at his eat-poop-sleep-eat-poop-sleep-fuss-eat routine. We’ve set up Oliver’s old pack-n-play in our living room so P can nap safely off the floor, out of range of most of O’s trucks.

Oliver has been enjoying afternoons in our back yard (when it isn’t like an oven with the flagstone). He has several outside trucks, shade umbrellas, a play structure, water table, and strawberries. He is usually armed with his sun hat, 70 spf sunscreen, snacks and a water bottle. So far, so good.

Today (Saturday), Patrick wore three different kinds of stripes, he’s a bold, fashion-forward kind of guy.

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