New Baby’s New Digs

Sometime between NOW and the end of May, New Baby No Sachs is set to make it’s big appearance. Once it does, it will have much a much roomier space in which to roll around.

Last weekend we moved the changing table, this past weekend we installed the shelf. If I’m feeling inspired (or like I want to hit things with a hammer) I may hang some more artwork, I haven’t decided yet. 

One thought on “New Baby’s New Digs

  1. Dear Kindli,

    I had no idea you are expecting a second offspring! Very good!

    I’ve not had the time to look at my Facebook page in quite a while. Very busy. In fact, I have over 12,000 emails in my Inbox. Just can’t get to them as fast as they come in!

    Your maternal parent told me that your grandmother had visited you recently. That’s great! Good for her and for Oliver. And next visit, she’ll have another great-grandbaby to hug.

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