Friday the 13th, Happy 5 year Anniversary to Us!

Back in 2006, May 13 was the Saturday before Mother’s Day, and I was getting married. Today, May 13 is a Friday and I’m sitting at the dining room table with our toddler eating watermelon.

The toddler has taken to eating watermelon the same way I used to eat coconut filled chocolates: he takes a bite and puts it back in the container, then he takes another piece. The biggest difference is, once I found a non-coconut-filled chocolate I’d eat the entire thing, it doesn’t seem to matter to our toddler.

I have been going through the container behind him, picking out the ones he’s put back. Once the watermelon is finished, he insists on moving on to strawberries. They’ve been huge this season, so I quarter them for him. If I don’t, he simply shoves the entire thing in his mouth, juice drips down his chin and he isn’t quite able to chew. The whole strawberry is spit out, far worse for the experience.

He likes to do the same thing with grapes, only he sticks several in his mouth at once, even when they’re cut in half. He no longer gets grapes on a regular basis.

The toddler is quite picky about sticky. He has no problem getting sticky, but once he is sticky the situation must be remedied NOW. He has also started using “dun!” (done or down depending on context) and putting his own plate in the sink (most of the time this is successful, but there is a reason he’s using melamine).

It has been five years since Gavin and I got married, and I think it is safe to say we’re ready to take on a few more.

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