words & phrases

Oliver has been getting more vocal and stringing more words together. Favorites include “AWAY!” in quite an urgent tone, “up!” and “guck” (truck or duck depending on context). He is also fond of “down,” “dun,” and “more.” He’s got a few animals: sheeesh, guck, auggie, moo, and bird are the primary ones.

He points to my expanding stomach and says “da-ee” (I’ve started wearing Gavin’s t-shirts), then to my belly-button and says “bay-bee,” then to his own and sometimes follows that up with “no bay-bee.”

Today’s exciting phrase was “up! up! AWAY!!” while pointing to the nutella then to where it belongs in the pantry.

Today’s exciting new word: “feeeeeeesh!” I’m pretty sure that’s “fish” – he was pointing to fish at the time, and then later held up his “feeeeeeesh” in the bathtub.

He’s also understanding more complex directions, which is nice. He knows when he is done with a plate or bowl he can put it in the sink, a bit of  a stretch for him, but still manageable. He knows where toys go when it is time to pick up, he knows where shoes are put away, and most recently he’s learned how to unlock our new back door.

Life with Oliver is an adventure, watch where you step, the floor is often liberally strewn with trucks and duplos.

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