We have Awesome Neighbors

Yesterday, our neighbor up the street, Lisa, stopped by with a surprise for us, a Joovy Caboose stroller. Her five year old decided he was done with strollers, and she thought we might be able to use it. She was super-apologetic because it had been in their garage so it had a little dust on it. We can fix a little dust.

When we first started our double-stroller quest the Joovy Caboose wasn’t even on my list of strollers to consider. Would Oliver really want to sit facing backwards? What if he wanted to nap? Would he really stay put for long periods of time? Doubtful on all fronts.

Instead we set our sights on double strollers like the Maclaren Twin Techno (a nightmare to collapse), and the City Mini Double (by far our favorite). We checked CraigsList, compared prices online, and went to baby-junk stores to test drive them in person. We tried every double stroller we could find in stores under $500 and under 40 lbs. Then we put off buying anything.

With New Baby No Sachs’ arrival looming sometime before the end of May, we were still in no hurry to get a stroller that could accommodate two. Some things can be put off indefinitely, and if we really needed one, Amazon has two-day Prime shipping. Thankfully, Lisa showed up and saved us from procrastinating further.

This afternoon, I bushed the dust off the seats and took Oliver and the old car seat for a test drive around our neighborhood. Oliver was quite content to sit backwards, grinning up at me as we walked along. The car seat seemed a bit more apathetic, but it sat firmly in place.

Overall, the stroller handled well, and was manageable on the inclines. I didn’t accidentally kick the wheels when I walked (this has been a problem with some strollers). The handle was nicely padded and the parent accessory pouch was useful for my keys. The canopy provided plenty of shade for Oliver and the car seat, and Oliver seemed to have enough room to sit comfortably. The car seat remained silent throughout the process.

When our walk was over, Oliver decided to test out the front seat as well. He was quite excited by the car seat adapter (it had pictures of what not to do). When No Sachs is older, that will be replaced with the snack tray.

I have not tried to fit it in the back of our car yet, but Lisa has assured me it fit comfortably in the back of their Subaru, so we shouldn’t have any problems in the back of our CR-V. Based on today’s excursion around the neighborhood, I think this stroller will work well for us for the foreseeable future. If that changes, there’s always CraigsList and Amazon’s 2-day prime shipping.

Thanks to Lisa we no longer have to procrastinate about getting a double stroller, instead we’ll procrastinate about going over it with a vacuum cleaner, although this one will be housed in our garage so there might not be much point. We have awesome neighbors. Thank you Lisa!!

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