Happy Easter 2011

This morning dubious overcast cold weather conditions led us to have our second-hand plastic Easter Egg Hunt in the living room. I “hid” a  grand total of eight eggs in the living room while Gavin took Oliver upstairs after breakfast. Once everyone was showered and dressed we commenced the basket emptying, followed by the egg hunt.

This years basket had all sorts of yummy goodies, including Lindt Bugs & Bees, Reeses Rabbits, Lindt Gold Bunnies, M&Ms, and side walk chalk for the back patio. The bunny and duck have made appearances in the previous years baskets, they’re only around because they’re seasonal, they live in the basket, in a bin in the garage the rest of the year.

With the basket nice and empty, O set about finding the colorful plastic eggs. O was a bit more into the egg hunt this year, last year my MIL’s dog was more excited about finding eggs than O was.

When all the eggs had been found, Gavin showed O how to open them up to “check for candy,” how very optimistic of him! The eggs were mostly empty, but some of the larger ones had smaller eggs stashed inside them for easier storage.

The candy has been taken into custody for safe keeping and careful rationing, the eggs are back in the huge bag of second hand plastic eggs, the stuffed creatures are safely tucked back in the basket, and soon all traces of Easter will be put back in the bin in the garage for next years adventures.

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