San Francisco with Oma & Oliver

Today’s adventures took us to foggy San Francisco and a tour of the city with my MIL, Dulce. Dulce knows her way around the city far better than I do, so I was quite glad she was able to give us a tour.

We started at the Palace of Fine Arts, then drove to Fort Point. There was a flurry of excitement about the same time we arrived, fire trucks, an ambulance and a police car arrived. After a short walk in the fresh air, we decided to head out before we were unable to move the car.

We had an excellent lunch at the Delancey Street Restaurant on the Embarcadero, by way of the twisty bit of Lombard and then went to Golden Gate Park, via scenic drive.

Oliver had his first merry-go-round trip at the merry-go-round in the children’s section, and throughly enjoyed it.

I don’t have many photos from today, as much of it was spent in the car, at lunch, or at the playground. Dulce took quite a few photos, and I will share some of those later.

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