Caesar & Brutus

Oliver and I have been participating in a weekly Waldorf class for toddlers and their minders. Every Tuesday, as the toddlers interact with one another, the Mommies sit and work on little Waldorf-esque projects – so far we’ve made a wool angel, a little doll and a bunny.

The leader of the Mommies group, Mary, suggested we name our doll creations. My doll is a rather unique shade of periwinkle, which was close enough to purple for me to declare it to be a regal little fellow, and christen it Caesar (after Gaius Julius, although he wore purple victory robes, not a purple jumpsuit).

We also made bunnies. The bunny is Caesar’s buddy, so I named it Brutus Bunny.

Gavin’s biggest objection to all this “Brutus was not a bunny!”

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