Spring in our backyard

This morning Oliver and I were up early and out in the backyard pulling weeds, sweeping and trying to make a difference. Gavin joined us, and did some preliminary power washing. Later, Gavin and Oliver tested out the hammock.

I may be slightly biased when I say this, but I think our backyard looks better than it has in previous summers, and is only continuing to improve. Thanks to liberal use of cardboard, weed paper and mulch, there have been fewer weeds to pull this spring, and O has made a very capable weed-pulling assistant.

All of our plants survived the winter, and they are all showing signs of new growth. The $12 peach tree from Costco is showing signs of life, my herb barrel was in much need of pruning, and we moved the olive tree further away from the play structure.

We rinsed off the patio furniture. O was quite helpful putting the whirligigs and assorted garden decor out, sadly I still need to mend my gnome stakes. Gavin hooked up the drip system again, so my mint pots, newly added Lemon Balm, and other plants should should should survive the summer in spite of my neglect.

The weather today has been quite lovely, although today’s high was 63, as long as you stayed in the backyard on the sun-baked patio and didn’t get too much of a breeze (or too wet). When the wind picked up, we put the umbrellas down and came inside.

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