Happy Spring!

Last week’s weather was amazing, Oliver wanted to play in the backyard, but was thwarted by the instillation of our new windows. I also realized he didn’t have any appropriately sized warm-weather shoes, he had them in sizes too small, and sizes too big. A few quick clicks around Amazon solved that.

O’s sturdy summer sandals arrived this afternoon, so I put up some umbrellas and put out his water table.

After about two hours of uninterrupted soaking and puttering, O decided his clothing was too soaked to wear any longer and stripped to his diaper, at which point it was time to come inside. Much to his dismay, his shoes are drying on the railing.

I’d forgotten how much of a mess a toddler can make when armed with nothing but water, bark mulch and the occasional fist full of dirt. We now have a small pile of soaking-wet toddler clothing, and a back patio that looks a little wetter for the wear and in desperate need of a good sweeping.

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