The Windows are DONE!

After a week, the windows are DONE!

New Baby’s room, Oliver’s room, and the Office, all got new windows; the kitchen got both a new window and a new sliding glass door.

We are quite pleased with the result. We had a fabulous contractor who did an amazing job. The new trim looks great, and the place is actually less messy/dusty than when he first arrived.

Oliver can slide the new sliding glass door by himself (it is very smooth), and you no longer have to fight with the windows to open and close them. So far, the only problem is that the new windows make it even more obvious how awful the old ones are, even if the old ones still have 2-3 years of life left in them before we “might want to consider” replacing them. The ones we replaced were more of an urgent need than a “consideration.”

Thankfully, we were able to re-use the blinds in O’s room – we’d put them in new when we moved in, and the uninspiring verticals have returned to our kitchen, in an improved state about half-an-inch higher than they’d been previously hung due to the new trim surrounding the door. Happily, they no longer catch on the door sill, and unlike we’d feared, did not break in the process.

Our contractor was able to take the “pet grate” off our old screen door and attach it to the new one (YAY!!), it only needed minor modifications to fit (it was a little long), and it looks great. We put the old screen door in the garage incase any of our neighbors has a need. We also took the screens off all the windows as well for the same reason. The windows and frames have been hauled off to be recycled.

The original blinds in New Baby’s room and the Office have been removed from the premises. They were disgusting and we were looking for a good reason to replace them, hopefully we’ll get that knocked off our list this weekend.

Now that New Baby’s room has a properly functioning window, I can get started with the little details of making it a cozy room for both Oma’s upcoming visit in April, and New Baby’s extended stay. Once we put up the new blinds and curtains, we will move the bed back into place, and I will empty the closet of the assorted bedding and room decor.

Our next big project is the tile grout in the bathroom upstairs. It is in awful condition, but that should mostly be a DIY project. Eventually, we need to replace the tub with a slightly better model, but that will be put off until next year and left to a professional. The rest of our as-low-as-possible bathroom renovation, changing out light fixtures, etc. is likely to be DIY.

Until then, we’ve got plenty of little projects to keep us happily busy. Photos of the new windows to come eventually.

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