Master of International Trade

I was reading Gavin’s Economist earlier, not so much reading as flipping through the Courses & Positions offered.

I like to dream that one day, I might be remotely qualified to fill some of those positions, but right now it seems unlikely I’ll ever be qualified to be Senior Gender Policy Advisor P-5 for the food & Agriculture Organization of the UN, or the Director General at the Islamic Research & Training Institute, much less the Chairman of the Ministry of Food & Agriculture for Pakistan.

The courses seem equally unlikely, Executive MBA programs in Paris, a Global Master of Arts at Fletcher, The University of Exeter’s International Summer Program. Exotic locations, travel, 31 weeks pregnant with a toddler at home. Count me out.

Then I came across Master of International Trade Degree (online program) through the University of Saskatchewan.

On a whim, I looked it up, then I wished I hadn’t.

It actually looked pretty interesting, and with it being online, decently doable with two kids underfoot. The some of the classes looked like they might be a little heavy on math, which is admittedly not my strong point, but they didn’t look like they’d require anything as messy and complicated as my astronomy class in college, and I could probably brush up on my abysmal accounting skills at the SRJC.

I sent the link to Gavin who encouraged me to “look into it a little more” at which point I came across the fine print at the bottom:

The tuition for the MIT program is $2,000 per three-credit-unit course, with a total of 27 credit units required to complete the program.

Then I started to wonder what would a stay-at-home mom of two do with a Master of International Trade Degree. I’m still trying to figure it out.

2 thoughts on “Master of International Trade

  1. It sounded pretty cool until I saw the cost, it is so not in our budget right now. Once things settle down around here I’m considering the occasional evening/weekend class at the local Jr College, my brain feels like it is turning to mush.

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