meet the Baby!

This morning a long-time friend of mine, Theresa came up to join us for brunch, she was accompanied by her husband, David John, and 6-month old son, Robert.

Oliver wasn’t sure what to make of Robert. He had to be supported with a towel in his booster seat, he rolled to the left, and he spent most of his time in the bouncy seat teething.

We put some soft blocks on the floor mat for the boys to play with together. Robert was content rolling around, grabbing and chewing on them, while Oliver preferred to toss them, or ignore them (and Robert) completely. Occasionally Oliver would give Robert a Very Nasty Look. He was Not Pleased to have another little fellow vying for his space and toys.

Then Robert committed a cardinal sin, he had a small spit-up on the floor mat. Oliver immediately sought out a sponge to wipe up the “mess.” He was quite distressed by the slightly damp spot and was only consoled when we promised to wash it after dinner.

Temporarily satisfied, Oliver decided to commandeer the camera. He took a few lovely shots of his fingers, a very close-up of Roberts nose and mouth, and a charming photo of his little toes.

Hopefully we’ll get the chance to visit again later in the week, perhaps at a more neutral location than Oliver’s living room floor!

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