the problem with cardboard

A while ago I built Oliver a very nice play kitchen out of cardboard, it was later added to a cardboard play house made from the play structure box (sorry no photos).

The kitchen and the play house were holding up great, until Oliver decided to take his snacks into his kitchen/playhouse and give everything a good scrubbing with a slightly damp rag. This marked the beginning of the end for the kitchen/playhouse.

With the cardboard weakened, the kitchen sink got ripped off, coasters were pried off, the oven latch was removed, and things generally started coming apart.

The final blow to the kitchen play house was the “juice incident.” The sippie cups were in the dishwasher, so O was bestowed a half-glass of orange juice. He’s usually fairly careful with open cups, using both hands, and great caution.

I didn’t see how it happened but I did see the results, O’s shirt was covered in juice as was most of the interior of the playhouse, and the kitchen.

You can’t really clean cardboard, but you can haul it all out to the recycling bin, which is where it will be headed once I get the energy to break it down so it fits. For now, the whole sticky mess has been hauled into the garage.

Don’t worry, O won’t be kitchenless for long, he liked the DIY one so much we decided to splurge (thanks Oma!) and get him a “real” play kitchen. It should be arriving sometime next week.

3 thoughts on “the problem with cardboard

  1. Whoa! I followed your link back to that cardboard kitchen you made. That was *crazy* impressive. And hopefully the “real” play kitchen will be durable enough to last through O + upcoming Baby S.

  2. Sadly not, Target is not as timely with their shipping as Amazon is. It should arrive later this week, photos will be posted once it arrives!

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