Big Boy Aprons

After fighting with my sewing machine every step of the way to make hooded baby towels, and several wasted evenings of searching on the internet for a manual for my machine, I caved and e-mailed Pfaff (the manufacturer) to see if they could help me out. I e-mailed them late on a Friday night and they got back to me by the following Monday. I was able to download and print the manual with in minutes.

I was then able to read through the manual and figure out what I was doing wrong. We were threading it properly, but the tension settings were all wrong. That was back in February, it is now March, and I have finally worked up the nerve to try using it again.

After fixing the apron Grandma Irene made for Oliver and making a new pant assister, I decided to try making O an apron.

O has recently been asserting his big-boy-ness and refusing to wear bibs at meal and snack times. I can only dump so many stain removers on his shirts before they totally disintegrate. He needs to wear them a little longer, so I turned to the internet for solutions, the most cost effective solution: dish towel aprons (there are several variations on the internet).

Several Costco trips ago I picked up a resonably-priced 10-pack of dish towels, you can never have too many, and with a toddler running around, they’re bound to come in handy for something. I already had 3/4 inch grosgrain ribbon, and that’s pretty much all you need.

The dish towel is a bit long, so I made a pocket at the bottom, divided into three sections so it wouldn’t droop. I am still working on the best way to keep the ribbon in the apron when O takes it off, but as problems go that one is fairly minor, and he seems to be enjoying pulling it entirely off and out.

Depending on how well this one holds up, I will probably make a few more, perhaps improving on the basic design. I hope to phase out the bibs entirely. The bibs will be throughly washed, and set aside for Baby Sachs’ adventures with solids. Don’t worry Grandma D, I’ll make one or two to leave at your house as well.

3 thoughts on “Big Boy Aprons

  1. i love that apron! nice job.
    elora tends to destroy whatever she is wearing on soupy or stainy food meals, so i have resorted to putting her in clothes i don’t mind getting destroyed. ha. so there messy toddler!

  2. Big Boy aprons…. love the design. Might want to move the pockets higher…. just below the waist. A nice fold in the middle should be easy enough. Have fun!

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