Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun!

This weekend we made progress in Baby Sachs’ room. The discount special ceiling fan ($24 at the average hardware store – actually that one is a bit nicer than what we’ve got!) which was unsafe (and seriously unbalanced) at any speed got taken down lest anyone be even slightly tempted to use it for anything other than a light.

We had searched far and wide for a suitable replacement ceiling fan, but nothing had really stood out. We are also holding back incase Baby Sachs or Oliver ever want to have bunk beds, as Baby Sachs’ room is the only one with enough continuous wall space to do them safely.

In place of the fan, we put up the Smila Sol ceiling lamp from Ikea, it cost about as much as the bargain-price ceiling fan, but is far safer (no wildly spinning parts).

In a few years, when we find a decent ceiling fan, or when Baby Sachs’ expresses great dismay over the over-sized plastic sun on it’s ceiling, we will consider replacing it. Until then, it supplies a decent amount of light (although, as Gavin pointed out it is rather yellow), and is appropriately fun for a nursery.

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