uninspiring, ugly, efficient

We were going to put it off longer but the horizontal rains we’ve had recently drove the water in to the point that we realized we had to replace our sliding glass door, and kitchen window. The window in Baby Sachs’ room has epically failed, thankfully the east side doesn’t get a lot of direct horizontal rain.

We have picked out replacement windows, and are still debating which contractor to use. We have decided which one we don’t want to use, he cost twice as much as the 2nd highest and aspires to be a male model (sometimes social networking can work against you).

So far, the windows and the contractor have been the easy parts, the hard part is what do we want to do with the sliding glass door’s window treatment. We currently have uninspiring vertical blinds, hanging ugly, but efficiently over the door.

We bought them knowing that one day they would have to come down so we could replace the door, and that day is coming closer. They were inexpensive¬†cheap, and they are not aging gracefully. We could put them back up, assuming they’d fit once the door is properly framed out, and assuming they come down without breaking, as both of these things seem unlikely, we are investigating other options.

Option 1: custom curtains from some sight-unseen online boutique, $800+

  • pros: none really, except we could say we have “custom curtains”
  • cons: we’d be buying online sight-unseen; $800 is more than half the cost of the new door

Option 2: more verticals from Lowes/HomeDepot, $300-500 depending on our choice, with the option of replacing the crappy standard valance with a painted wooden box

  • pros: reasonably priced, wide selection, near by
  • cons: verticals, so far for us, have not aged well or held up well to toddlers, Lowes/HomeDepot has friendly people, but they are not very knowledgable or particularly helpful about details. Most materials look hard to clean, and as they would be hanging in a high-use, high-traffic kitchen/dining area and cover a door going to the back yard, if our current ones are anything to go by, they will get food splattered on them and dirty little hands will run around them. They are loud. They get easily broken, and easily bent out of position. Once you install them you are stuck with the look for years. We would have to special order, or choose from the in-store in-stock selection (which is what we have right now, ew).

Option 3: IKEA’s curtain tracks, $150-200 (depending on curtains, etc)

  • pros: almost-unlimited curtain options; option to do double tracks for layered look of sheers and solids for privacy and light filtering; easily curtain change-out-ability, and because we can pick pretty much whatever curtains we want we can choose washable ones (and change them out if/when we get bored and/or they get damaged). IKEA is also very upfront about the self-service aspect of the company, and we won’t have to special-order parts.
  • cons: IKEA is far, far away. Depending on width, we could quite a few curtain panels to cover the space (it is 8 feet), which could get costly.

We have pretty much ruled out Option 1, we spent most of this afternoon investigating Option 2, and next week, while Gavin is hard at work, Oliver and I are going to investigate Option 3 a bit further. We have priced out the IKEA tracks and curtains online, and talked to a friend of mine who is using the track system for a room divider. So far both the price, and the review of the tracks have been good.

We’d like to decide before the door is replaced, but we’re likely to hold off on buying anything until it has been installed (we want to triple check all the new measurements around the trim). Once the new door is in, we will probably want to get something up as quickly as possible, the door is on the southern side of the house with full exposure and nothing to offer any sort of shade or protection from the sun. If all else fails, we can hang a sheet or two until something else comes along.

2 thoughts on “uninspiring, ugly, efficient

  1. The vertical blinds… may last another season…. which wouldn’t be bad… also there would be no hard feelings when they do bite the dust…. think about it. ; )

  2. We are concerned they won’t survive being taken down & put back up again. They’re in dubious shape as it is.

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