Going Commando – Toddler Style

This evening, Gavin kept an eye on Oliver while I made dinner. Before they came downstairs Gavin asked:

“Was O wearing a diaper when you went down?”

Yes, I changed him.

“Where did his diaper go?”

How should I know? I’m downstairs.

“Was his door closed when you went downstairs?”


“Found it!”

Turns out O had removed his diaper, thrown it away, and pulled his pants back up. When it was time to go downstairs, O dropped his pants exposing his diaper-free rear.

O has taken off his diaper and tossed it before, but this is the first time (to my knowledge), that he’s put his pants back on.

Smart little fellow.

3 thoughts on “Going Commando – Toddler Style

  1. We’ve been Potty Experimenting for a while now. Sometimes he uses it, sometimes he just take off his wet diaper & demands a new one. So far, I have done my best to make the potty readily available and not force the issue.

  2. He is soooo on the verge to potty train, I’ve potty trained over 30 kids now at work, that a def. good sign!

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