Safety, No Longer Third

For Oliver’s second birthday Grandma D gifted him a play structure. We have slowly been improving it, we figured out how to rig up an umbrella for a little extra shade, and after a long search, we have acquired a rubber slide mat.

We had two options when we initially set up the play structure: we could have the side end up in the mulch pit with O landing next to the wine barrels, or we could have the side land on the concrete. We opted for the concrete.

Most of the time the friction from O’s pants (denim or corduroy) slow him nicely, but every now and then he wears little sweat pants. In the sweats, he slides down with gleeful gusto, a little more quickly than we’d prefer, but he still lands safely on his feet.

O is a capable, coordinated two. Baby Sachs on the other hand, has yet to emerge, much less gain the necessary skills to go down a slide safely, so in the interest of the safety of the less-coordinated unborn sibling, friends, and possible lapses of judgement on O’s part, we set out to find a swing/slide safety mat.

Easier said than done. We checked the usual home improvement stores, and then searched online. After a week of frustrated internet searching I finally came across slide rubber mats at Costco. They were sold as a 2-pack, and the price (shipping included) was far more reasonable than any others we had come across.

UPS does not observe President’s Day, so our rubber slide mats arrived today. We don’t really need two of them, so we put one outside, and one in the garage for if or when we need to replace the one that is out in the elements. It is a nice, thick, rubber mat, in a not-totally-awful shade of green. It is heavy and with good traction so it won’t slip when little feet land on it.

O tested the mat as soon as we put it out, he approves. If anything, he was a little annoyed that he couldn’t test it out further (no shoes, no coat, no staying outside).

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