baby in the hood(ed towel)

I have a sewing machine that used to be my grandmother-in-law’s, and I have aspirations to undertake a slew of sewing projects around the house. Projects include removable, washable slipcovers for several of our pillows and dining room chairs, hooded baby bath towels, and generally being less hopelessly inept with the sewing machine.

For inspiration and some basic DIY projects I picked up a copy of Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Fabric Crafts. I decided to start with a simple project: hooded baby bath towels. It required two seams, and an optional border of basting (?) tape. You sew a hand towel into a hood and attach it to a larger bath towel, and then trim the edges with something nice… at least that was the theory.

The hood went together nicely, not as nicely as I’d hoped for, but nicely enough. Then I attached it to the larger towel the wrong way around. Somewhere in the process of seam ripping and re-pinning Oliver tinkered with the machine settings.

What would’ve been a 15 minute project for a skilled seamstress rapidly became a 2-hour saga. The machine wasn’t threaded properly, the thread broke, the toddler adjusted a setting, the bobbin had the “wrong” color thread on it, the thread jammed, bunched, broke, the tensioning was wrong, the needle came unthreaded, the toddler raised/lowered the foot while I was trying to thread the needle, and the list goes on.

Being a second-hand sewing machine the instruction manual had been misplaced long before it ever reached me. Being an infrequently (nearly-never) used machine, getting an instruction manual had never been on the top of my to-do list. I suspect this may change before I undertake some of my slightly more advanced (more than two-seam) projects.

With some help from Gavin, I eventually got machine threaded properly. After a bit more tinkering, I finally got the hood attached the correct way. The seams are not the most perfect, and I skipped the decorative trim, but Oliver doesn’t seem to mind, he seems to like his new super-sized hooded towel.

2 thoughts on “baby in the hood(ed towel)

  1. The towel looks cozy to me! Oliver also kinda looks like the Darth Vader kid in the Super Bowl commercial. Have him point at the new car & see if it starts!

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