DIY baby decor for Baby Sachs

We are working on keeping our budget for New Baby Sachs’ things to a minimum. We splurged on a second crib that converts to a toddler bed (the exact same one as Oliver’s), a new light fixture (the fan is unsafe at any speed), and a few other basics (mattress protector, sheets).

When it came to baby decor we scavenged from O’s room (he’s getting a cool Sea Turtle poster from the MBA once the changing table moves out), and I searched the internet for DIY baby decor.

While I wasn’t overly thrilled with the results, there were some cute ideas. New Baby Sachs’ room is going to have a fun ABC theme. I found some small printable ABC posters that go nicely in the repurposed frames we already have, and I decided to make a larger ABC poster as well.

I paid 59 cents for the poster board which is taped to a piece of cardboard. I had all the different paper already and some modge-podge from a previous project. The letters are not perfect, but I doubt Baby Sachs will be an art critic from day one, even if it is, it will have something colorful to stare at.

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