the play structure is up & we moved furniture

Today our friends Mike and Jon came up to visit and help us move heavy things around the house. After lunch, we moved a wine barrel from the mulch pit so we had room for Oliver’s new play structure. Tomorrow I hope to plant the peach tree I picked up at Costco.

Mike was thrilled to “take part in a little piece of suburbia” and Gavin was happy to have extra hands to help.

Oliver was quite pleased to have a climbing structure in his own yard. He probably would’ve stayed out all afternoon, but it was rather sunny and warm out and we need to work up some sort of shade system (or haul our umbrellas out of the garage, or both).

Once the play structure was up, we moved two bookcases from 2.0’s future room into our bedroom. We originally bought the bookcase doors back in Boston, and have just gotten around to using them now. We were going to put doors on both bookcases, but somewhere in one of our moves, the hardware for the 4th door was misplaced, so Gavin is going to investigate at Ikea to see what we can do to fix that problem.

Mike and Jon hauled 2.0’s new crib and mattress up to the room and that was the end of my to-do list. Gavin, Mike and Jon then decided to assemble the crib. It went much more smoothly than the first crib instillation did, probably because the first time I was 32 weeks pregnant and not exactly agile. This time, Oliver and I sat on the side lines while Mike, Jon and Gavin did the assembly work. That worked nicely.

We are very thankful for all of Mike and Jon’s assistance this afternoon. I hope they enjoy the 3 dozen snickerdoodles we made as a token of our thanks.

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