Oliver has three speeds: busy, asleep and snacking.

He is normally in busy, walking around his train table building duplo structures, riding his dump truck, crawling in and out of his train, or playing with his puzzles and new latch board.

Asleep happens from 7:30 pm until about 7 am, and is probably the only time he’s somewhat sedentary. Even in his sleep he wiggles, talks, and rearranges his bedding. “Asleep” occasionally happens in the car, strapped into his car seat with nothing to do.

Snacking is usually an activity that is confined to the highchair, so he’s a little slower, but as soon as he’s done he’s ready to be busy again. Snacking also happens on the go, cracker in one hand, hammer (or sippy cup) in the other, on the run.

We’re doing our best to keep up with our super-active on the go toddler. The park is close by, we’re putting a climbing structure with a slide in our back yard (once the weather cooperates), he’s got plenty of fun things to keep him busy in the house, and he still has us exhausted by his bedtime. Thankfully, he also gets exhausted in the process, so we all sleep well at night.

2 thoughts on “Speeds

  1. Kindli, I think you’ve basically broken down all three of Sonya’s modes as well. Haha. I wonder what’s going to happen to the two of us with a second perpetual motion machine in the house? I currently have only two modes: on and off. On is all the time except when I’m sleeping… which is never as much as I need.

  2. Mitali, I am going to pray we have a mild summer, set up some umbrellas in for shade and let them run freely in the back yard. They can play in the water table, and on the soon-to-be-installed climbing structure. I have no idea what I’m going to do once the next rainy season hits, although that’s when there are lots of little toddler classes, so perhaps O will get enrolled in a few of those to keep him occupied. 😉

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