the moment the batteries run out

Oliver likes to ride on things. Sitting and scooting on footstools has been on his top-10 list of Favorite Activities for a while now, as has commandeering small trucks as riding toys. He got a tricycle for Christmas, which is wonderful for outside scooting, but inside scooting activity remained a bit of a challenge.

We searched the internet for solutions to our dilemma, we wanted a toy designed for scooting and small enough for inside. If it served more than one function, even better, but the primary goal remained scootability.

This morning O and I ventured out to Target. I started off with a set list of things we needed, then I got side tracked in the toy department: they had a dump truck that was scootable, rideable, and inside-sized, but there was a downside: it made noise.

All through Target O pushed the buttons that made the dump truck noises. I got sympathetic looks from fellow parents, and dirty looks from a few elderly ladies. One couple laughed and suggested that I “try it with twins!”

When I got to the checkout the cashier was rather surprised to see the truck. “I hardly ever see parents buying kids toys that makes noise,” he said. “Usually it is the aunt, or friend, or someone who gets to go home and doesn’t have to listen to it.” I pointed out the truck would work just as well without batteries. He laughed. We then discussed ways to disable the noise feature.

The truck made it home, safely tucked away in the trunk, well out of O’s reach. The moment we got it into the house, O wanted it out of the box, and he has spent the last hour (not counting a 10 minute forced lunch-break) playing on it.

The noise isn’t as bad as I’d anticipated, it has three sound settings: off, annoying and obnoxious (the loudest). I’m a huge fan of  “off” but Oliver seems to have settled on “annoying” as his preferred volume setting. I am eagerly awaiting the moment the batteries run out.

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