Cupcake Demolition 2011

This morning Oliver helped me frost cupcakes. By “help” I mean he snagged the rubber scraper when I wasn’t looking. I thought I’d put it out of reach, but apparently I underestimated his skill and determination. I wasn’t too upset with him, I would’ve done the same thing.

We had a small toddler-centric party to celebrate. Oliver turned two, so we invited two friends, only one of his friends, Aren, made it. There were still two toddlers and they kept the four adults, and themselves, quite entertained.

Early on, Oliver decreed it was cupcake time. I’d made some chocolate cupcakes to mark the occasion, and they were a big hit all around.

After cupcakes, we opened presents. The brightly wrapped packages were just too exciting to wait any longer. Aren gifted Oliver a recycling truck made from recycled materials (very Sebastopol), Grandma Dulce gifted Oliver a busy board with latches and locks (in addition to the as-of-yet-unassembled play structure in the garage), and Mommy & Daddy gifted Oliver a front loading all-terrain truck.

Once the presents had been opened, it was time to practice sharing. Sharing is a skill most little boys of this age are still working on. They took enforced turns on Rody, and played with Oliver’s new toys.

It was quite an exciting afternoon. Oliver has been keeping busy with the new additions to his fleet of trucks, and with the latch and locks board. More photos of the day’s adventures can be found at Oliver’s 2 year album.

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