our weekend, an update

This weekend was quite an accomplished one. Gavin has been making great progress in setting up our home office for the start of next week when he begins working from home, and I have been making progress in 2.0‘s future nursery. Photos to come eventually.

We have unearthed many baby accessories and loaded them into 2.0’s future closet. Today we procured a curtain rod, and looked at light fixtures to replace the ceiling fan. There is still a fair bit to do, but we have made great progress. Does anyone need a small ikea computer table? I’d include a link, but it has been discontinued.

The garage is getting more organized, as is the kitchen hutch and laundry room pantry. Being able to find things is useful.

Gavin fixed the kitchen sink, again. It has been leaking profusely, and if it leaks a third time, Kohler will have to do something more than just send out replacement parts. Yay for lifetime warranties. Gavin also installed a much-needed new toilet seat in the downstairs bathroom. We are slowly pricing out the cost of updating/fixing parts of it. It remains on our eventual to-do list.

Oliver had a good deal of fun this weekend as well. He played hide-and-seek in the curtains at Bed Bath & Beyond, got to “drive” the shopping cart at Lowes (it has a molded plastic car on the cart), and enjoyed “helping” both of us with our various undertakings around the house.

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