oh boy, it is 2011!

This morning was the start of a new year. We hadn’t stayed up late the night before (I went to bed at 9 and read As Always, Julia), so we were up early (with a little assistance from our Oliver-alarm) at 7 am.

To celebrate the new year, we took our new car for a drive. We drove along 116 until the “Fort Ross or Bodega Bay” sign, turned left toward Bodega Bay and then drove along Hwy 1 until we reached the “hwy 12” sign, and then took 12 home. There was almost no traffic – we were home by 10:30 – and it was a very enjoyable drive.

The rest of the day was spent accomplishing some of the tasks the growing list of Little Things To be Done.

Top of our list, the garage, now that we have two cars, we are hoping to eventually, perhaps, one day, fit the Matrix in there. Friday we did a major cleaning, and yesterday morning Gavin took a load to the dump.

Today we had Day 2 of Garage Cleaning and have filled our recycle bin full of cardboard. The gardening supplies (dirt, mulch, pots) have been moved outside into my cold rubbermaid storage boxes from college, this solution should hold out until summer when we hope to get an outdoor shed of sorts. We are making great progress (there is more floor), and we have a growing pile of stuff to donate to Goodwill (hopefully that’ll happen Monday).

Gavin also installed the in-wall fan controllers (they wire up where the light switch is). The fans in the master bedroom and office operate with remote control and they occasionally wander off with the toddler, so a few months back, we got in-wall fan controllers.

When all that excitement was done, we went for another drive, mostly because we could. I’m not entirely sure where we went. We drove on backroads, ended up in Petaluma, and took 101 and 116 home. Oliver had a lovely nap in his car seat.

Oliver’s been bathed, put in bed, and Gavin and I have settled down on the sofa to watch Die Hard on Netflix streaming. Happy New Year!

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