good bye 2010

This evening, New Years Eve, we are celebrating in our own, special way.

We are bathing Oliver, because he was about 4 kinds of sticky, then we are putting him in pajamas and hoping for an early bedtime.

When all that excitement is done, we are going to finish cleaning up the living room, perhaps watch some Netflix or downloads and I hope to be in bed, by 9 pm to read a book, and have the lights out by 10.

Hopefully the neighbors will be deterred by the cold and light drizzle and won’t go crazy with the noise makers and fire crackers like they did last year.

Yes, we lead thrilling lives.

One thought on “good bye 2010

  1. Yeah, we lead similarly thrilling lives. We actually *did* make it to the underwhelming ball drop in Times Square. The musical acts weren’t really all that spectacular, so in case you missed Ryan Seacrest’s witty banter (sarcasm) – you didn’t miss much. By the way, Sonya has developed a fondness for Oliver’s photo. She’s tucked it away in one of her books and wouldn’t surrender it for me to use in my photo ornament ball.

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