$25,000 kitchen makeover

This evening Gavin informed me that we did not win the cereal box grand prize of a $25,000 kitchen makeover, he then went on to ponder what we might do with $25,000 to redo our kitchen.

The first obvious thing would be to replace our perpetually leaking kitchen faucet, finally paint the ceiling (possibly the whole room), replace the ceiling fan (although technically that’s in the dining room), and then we ran out of ideas.

There were several ideas that quickly fell flat: we could replace the fully functional but slightly ugly stove and dishwasher. It isn’t really enough money to replace the utilitarian tile, or the cabinets – why would we want to? It would be great if the tile was self cleaning or was stain resistant or food repellent, but that is the stuff of science fiction.

We don’t need to win $25,000 to remodel our kitchen. We don’t want to remodel our kitchen, but at some point (or so we promise ourselves) we’re going to take care of our kitchen to-do list.

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2 thoughts on “$25,000 kitchen makeover

  1. I feel your pain. My previous dishwasher, back in Boston, was named Gavin and was VERY easily distracted by pretty much everything and often had little or no interest in actually doing the dishes. 😀

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