An Afternoon in the Pumpkin Patch

After last year’s astounding success with Muelrath Ranches’ Pumpkin Patch we decided to go again. We invited our friend Dana up for brunch, and after a delightful meal of homemade waffles we ventured forth to find the perfect pumpkins!

This year, Oliver was far more mobile and eagerly explored the pumpkin patch and crates of smaller pumpkins and gourds.

O picked a hand-sized pumpkin for himself and, much to O’s dismay, we picked three more.

Once he was crowded out of the cart, he decided he wanted to pull it.

The cart didn’t go far, so we parked it and explored the hay bale and corn mazes.

When those options were exhausted, we took turns climbing on the hay bale pyramid.

We finished the afternoon with a ride on the hay wagon. The “1930s suspension” was overshadowed by the scenery, there is quite a bit of rural farmland within easy driving distance of our house, and the abundance of pumpkins in the field.

The big pumpkins are lined up outside our front door waiting to be carved. I’m not sure where O has stashed his little pumpkin, hopefully we find it before Halloween.

2 thoughts on “An Afternoon in the Pumpkin Patch

  1. Wow! This looks like so much fun! We should take Sonya to a pumpkin patch. Okay, so now I need to get a tutorial. How did you make the pictures look so awesome? (I mean, apart from being photogenic). No, how did you get three of them side-by-side, all square and lovely? That’s awesome!

  2. I use wordpress (not sure if that makes a difference, but it might), the photos were uploaded and then inserted as “thumbnail” sized with no alignment. They’re spaced about 3 spaces apart and once I lined them up nicely I centered the row all at once instead of doing it individually.

    I hope this makes sense!

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