Wednesday’s Trip Home

This morning we had Big Plans, an hour at the Aquarium and then driving back home. We checked out of the hotel and made it to the Aquarium moments before it opened at 10 am. Upon arrival, we were informed there was a female sea otter hanging out in the tide pool. It was cool, but O quickly got bored and decided there were more interesting things to see.

We had a packed hour at the Aquarium. Today’s trip started with the seahorses which had been sadly overlooked on our previous visits. Back in January, the exhibit was still fairly new, and it was packed. On Sunday, it was decently crowded, and on Monday they were simply overlooked.

After the seahorses, the turtles were very very popular, or rather, the crawl space next to the turtles was very popular. O had spent a fair bit of time there on Monday and was thrilled to be able to explore it further.

We crammed quite a bit into our hour. At 11:20 we loaded into the car and drove to San Jose to meet up with a friend of mine for lunch. O loaded up into the backseat with his Otter hand puppet, hammerhead shark, sippy cup, and snack cup. He proceeded to nap for most of the trip.

After lunch, we visited Grandma Dulce for a quick stop-over, fresh diaper, and snacks, then we headed back to Sebastopol. Thankfully the drive home was uneventful, traffic was light, and we got home at a reasonable hour.

Photos of our adventures can be found at Kindli’s Picasa – Monterey Vacation 2010, and as soon as I can upload video there will be stuff on YouTube.

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