Tuesday in Santa Cruz & Carmel

O's ready for action armed with his sippy cup & otter

This morning we prepared for an adventure: we planned to go 17 mile drive, spend the morning in Carmel, have lunch, and then go to the Aquarium. We headed out early, drove around Cannery Row, and along some scenic coastline, then one hundred yards into 17 mile drive, we realized the clacking noise we’d heard earlier was coming from our tires.

So much for that.

By 10 am we were at the local Goodyear Tire place, where they told us they could not patch the tires, and then tried fervently to convince us to buy two new tires, one for the damaged one and one to replace one of the other rear ones so they’d wear evenly, be safer, etc. Total cost, a little over $300.

Testing out tires at the Goodyear in Pacific Grove

We got new tires last week. They’re the Big O brand Euro whatevers and they come with a 3-year warranty, so we drove to Santa Cruz (where the nearest Big O Tires was). Over twenty miles with a driver’s side rear tire full of nails.

If we made it to Santa Cruz we could get the tire fixed, for free. As long as the car drove, it was safe to drive to Santa Cruz. If we got a flat (instead of just a tire fully of nails) we could change it (ourselves), or if we were with in five miles of Big O we could call AAA and have them tow it (the first 5 miles are free).

We made it to Santa Cruz without major incident (the tire pressure light turned on, but it is inhabited by gremlins). We went 50 miles an hour, and often a bit slower. We angered the drivers behind us with what they perceived to be our over-cautious driving style, but we made it there safely.

With the new tire we found a place on the Wharf to have lunch. The food was good, but the over all experience was unmemorable. After lunch, we set about our original day’s plans: going to Carmel.

After a five hour detour, we found ourselves back on 17 mile drive heading to Carmel. We stopped at several scenic spots, took photos, and walked around. After about three or four stops, Oliver had really had enough of the in-and-out of the car and he made this quite clear.

Almost 5 years later, we've added a baby to the 17 Mile Drive Photo & Gavin continues to stand uphill

I suspect the sales staff at the galleries we visited are accustomed to a slightly different budget from their mid-week window shoppers. After perusing Sur La Tabe, we visited Tiffany’s, several galleries, Tumi, a rug store, and some children’s clothing botiques. Sadly we simply don’t have $500 to spend on a custom bronze statuette, or $2300 for a new rug for our living room. The purse I liked didn’t come in the color I loved, and I also can’t justify spending $60 on any one article of clothing for Oliver. Ever.

Photos of our adventures can be found at Kindli’s Picasa – Monterey Vacation 2010, and as soon as I can upload video there will be stuff on YouTube.

One thought on “Tuesday in Santa Cruz & Carmel

  1. I love that shot of Oliver and Gavin walking down the path on the beach together! Sorry about the tire drama, but I’m glad it sounds like the three of you had fun outside of that.

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