Gavin be a Seahorse! – Monday in Monterey

Our Monday in Monterey started with a drive to take up time before the Aquarium opened. We drove along the coast through Pacific Grove and stopped for a walk along Asilomar State Beach.

Mondays at the Aquarium are much more relaxed than weekends. There were about 1/3 the people from Sunday and things felt less hectic. Oliver spent much of the morning in the Splash Zone, an area where babies and toddlers can run freely and interact with educational ocean-themed play structures, tunnels, caves, and interactive-exhibits.

Today’s Splash Zone also had an unscheduled magic show where Gavin was volunteered (by me) to turn into a seahorse. It was quite something to behold, Gavin makes a very cute seahorse.

Other highlights included befriending a penguin, touching a starfish, and rolling on the floor looking up at the sardines in the ceiling. Video of some of that to follow eventually.

A good portion of our early afternoon was spent exploring the brightly colored cannery equipment. Gavin was in his natural habitat of informative signs and O gleefully ran from one device to the next, turning knobs and investigating what was to be seen.

Around 2:00 we headed back to the hotel with a detour past the Dennis the Menace Park. It had gotten good reviews as a fun place to take children so we decided to check it out. Oliver found and fell in love with the giant roller side. Gavin and I took turns walking up and assisting him on the way down.

After about an hour, Gavin and I were ready for naps, but O was still ready to go again… and again… and again. We won and went back to the hotel for a snack and some rest.

Around 4:45 we ventured out again to explore, of course, in the process of our exploring we came across a used bookstore and did our part to help keep Monterey running. We picked up a few books for Oliver, Gavin and myself, and a copy of the Shark Week 20th Anniversary Collection under the guise of edutainment.

Dinner was chili and leftovers in our hotel room.

Photos of our adventures can be found at Kindli’s Picasa – Monterey Vacation 2010, and as soon as I can upload video there will be stuff on YouTube.

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