Oliver’s Kitchen

During several recent outings Oliver has expressed interest in toy kitchens. He got into a vigorous tug-of-war with toy kitchen accessories with a little girl at IKEA, and tried to run off with a pastel pink mini-fridge at Pottery Barn Kids.

I have looked into toy kitchens, IKEA kitchen components start at $99, and while nicely gender-neutral, $99 is more than I’d like to pay for toy kitchen. Pottery Barn lists kitchens under “girls toys” and theirs start at $400+. They are also pink.

I don’t think kitchen toy sets should be restricted to “girls toys,” nor should they be pink, so today I made O a kitchen, it has a single burner, a state-of-the art stainless steel oven, red cabinet, shelf, sink, and side prep area, and it was well under $400.

I did some rummaging around in the garage and found several cardboard boxes, some brown paper, duct tape, the back of an old dresser, a Williams Sonoma bag, paint and some coasters I created a kitchen for O.

The state-of-the art stainless steel oven opens and closes, as do the cabinets. The sink is also stainless steel as is the burner surround. Eventually I’ll rummage around our recycling bin so O has some appropriate empty containers to stock his pantry, and maybe I’ll find some faux food and little dishes.

The coasters say “eat your veggies” and inspired the red-and-white color scheme. I’ll probably make one or two more changes to it, mainly to make it less top heavy, and perhaps accessorize it a bit.

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