festive sunflowers

We met up with Dana for a late brunch at Rose’s Cafe in San Francisco today. We’ve been trying to meet up about once a month in the city to have brunch and explore. We try to find kid-friendly places to have brunch (so far so good), and generally Oliver is decently behaved enough to let us enjoy most of the meal. San Francisco is a nice meet-in-the-middle compromise for both of us: she drives up from Sunnyvale, we drive down from Sebastopol.

Dana had just gotten back from Burning Man and had lots of photos to share, she also mentioned that she was going to a fabric store so she could get some faux fur to make a coat to wear for next year’s event.

Fabric stores are fun places, after lunch we all went along to Mendel’s Far-Out Fabrics on Haight Street. Gavin dropped us off at the store and went to find parking. Dana had to find parking as well, so O held my finger  firmly and we window shopped along Haight Street until we caught sight of Gavin.

While Dana felt faux furs, O ran in circles around the bolts of fabric, and Gavin and I looked at oil cloth to create a second table cloth with. We settled on a cheerful sunflower pattern, and accidentally way-over-estimated the yardage we’d need -we didn’t realize how much too much until we got home, but better too much than too little (and it was the last of the bolt anyway).

I think Oma would like the cheerful bright yellow flowers. The oil cloth is doubled over, so we have double table protection and so we can extend it as the table extends, and still hangs down rather far on both ends.  I don’t mind too much as it serves as a splatter shield for the chairs when O gets vigorous with his fork and spoon.

One thought on “festive sunflowers

  1. The table looks good! It was fun to see you three. Work on the coat progresses slowly, but it does progress. Hope you’re having a great weekend, and looking forward to the nest brunch!

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