Mohawk Water Chief, Rogue Waterer

A couple of times a week Oliver ventures over to visit his favorite neighbor, Ceylan.

Today, Oliver and I stopped by to share some spice cake and we ended up having a lovely afternoon. Ceylan has a badminton set and we are working on teaching O how to play. He has a firm grasp on waving the racket around, and chasing the birdie. He isn’t great at hitting the birdie, but he’s whacked us a few times.

O is also perfecting his sweeping, raking and watering skills. Watering is particularly popular.

photo credit: Ceylan

Watering in this case means soaking himself, and occasionally getting water on the plants that need it. He also likes to take aim at people so Ceylan and I ended up soaked from the knees down.

When O is soaked his hair spikes nicely into a faux hawk, so Ceylan pulled out the camera and we took turns snapping photos of the afternoon’s watering festivities! There are a few more photos of the little guy in his 19 month album!

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