“You Will Visit Many Exotic Places”

said O’s fortune cookie at Panda Express after we finished visiting SFMoma with Elizabeth on Tuesday. Somehow that seemed appropriate.

Visiting San Francisco armed only with a GPS, a sippy cup and a diaper bag full of snacks is daunting at best. The high buildings blocked out the satellites so occasionally the GPS freaked out and then we had no idea where we were. When we finally did find the SFMoma Parking Garage we then got to contend with the Very Special Parking situation – SUVs are NOT compact people!

We met up with Elizabeth at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I was particularly interested in seeing Calder to Warhol, Introducing the Fisher Collection.  Many years ago my Dad took me to see a Calder exhibit in Bonn, and I was excited for the chance to see more of his work.

O had other ideas as to what Might Be Interesting, the museum has some lovely stairs which provided entertainment, and a few large sculptural pieces which could be rushed when he thought he had a chance. Only the mobiles really managed to capture his attention for more than a few fleeting seconds, the benches also provided some safe-to-the-art entertainment.

After explaining that “we look with our eyes, not with our hands” failed (multiple times), we went outside to the sculpture garden/coffee bar, if the art was exposed to the elements on a daily basis, surely it would be OK to expose to a toddler! O promptly found the gravel pit and started throwing gravel around.

Elizabeth explained to an amused onlooker that we’d also taken O to the Legion of Honor to see the Cartier Exhibit and he was only interested in the gravel there too. A snack was used to bribe O away from the gravel pit, after which he focused his energy on a giant spider.

Around noon we headed out to lunch at the Western SF Shopping Center (?) Food Court (I think that’s what it was called anyway), for some Panda Express – O enjoyed fried rice and broccoli, and then headed our separate ways so Elizabeth could get to class in San Jose in a timely manner and I could beat the traffic back to Sebastopol. Overall it was a nice day out, and Elizabeth and I look forward to meeting up in the city again soon.

2 thoughts on ““You Will Visit Many Exotic Places”

  1. That concept is lost on 19 month olds, particularly when the sculptural pieces in question are on the floor within very easy reach.

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