Spawn 9: Rise of the Mint

I have nine kinds of mint currently growing in the back yard. When I tell the people at the local garden center they stare at me with a look of abject horror on their face similar to the one Gavin gets when I tell him I’ve brought home a new variety for my collection. They also make me promise to never plant it directly in the ground (I’ve mostly kept that promise).

Mint is apparently an “invasive weed” which “should be destroyed,” it also smells nice, is non-toxic to children, is a natural pest repellent, and is hard to kill. I keep my mint in lovely terra cotta pots on the patio where it is thriving, admittedly, it helps that I’ve hooked it up to the drip system so I don’t have to remember to water it.

I have an abundance of mint, and prune my little collection regularly. A friend of ours is teaching middle school in inner-city Oakland and he wants to introduce the children he is working with to gardening, so I offered to supply him with some starter mints.

Choosing just one mint was tricky, so I opted to spawn off all nine. They are sitting on my kitchen window ledge in little plastic cups with water, soaking in sunlight and making the kitchen smell minty. From left to right, there are orange, lavender, peppermint, apple, chocolate, spearmint, moroccan, pineapple and silver.

So far, all of them except the pineapple and silver mints have either started lovely root systems or came off the plant with significant roots in tact, I’m sure they’ll catch up soon.

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