Shark Attack

This weekend we attended a wedding. Gavin was a Chuppa Holder, and I did my best to keep the baby from tackling the flower girls (more on all this later).

The Thursday before the wedding, there was an Incident that landed me in the local ER for about 45 minutes. They took x-rays, cleaned the wound, gave me an Impressive Bandage, and let me out with instructions to “keep it clean and dry” – aka, keep wearing an Impressive Bandage.

The Friday before the wedding was the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party and the question of what exactly had caused my finger to need the Impressive Bandage came up, so I told them the very brief following story:

I was out surfing at Bodega Bay when I was viciously attacked by a shark. It destroyed my surfboard and took off the very tip of my thumb.

Apparently I was rather convincing in the relaying of this tale, I got astounded and rather impressed looks.

Then they’d ask: “Really?”

I would then reassure them: “No, but a shark attack makes a much better story than what actually happened.”

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