Mazel tov!

This is part 2 of 2 of the post about Abby & Mark’s wedding weekend. For part one see Row! Row! Row!

Sunday was the Big Day. I was very grateful that we had stayed in Aptos because it meant we had the morning to enjoy ourselves. Oliver, Gavin, Aaron W. (aka Tito) and I went to the beach.

At 12:30 we dropped Gavin off so he could partake in the pre-wedding photo sessions. Aaron, Oliver and I went in search of lunch and other ways to amuse ourselves and then prepared to be at the wedding venue by 3:30 for the ceremony starting at 4:00.

Oliver dancing happily on the bed during the pre-wedding preparations; Oliver all dressed up with Aaron W.

I don’t remember when the wedding actually started, but I do vividly remember Oliver rushing the Flower Girls. Why? They were throwing petals and messing up the sidewalk.

Mark & Abby turn to face the crowd

We spent much of the remainder of the wedding in the bar where Oliver charmed the barmaid into giving him some crackers and some water. Then we looked at the fishies in the restaurant, made a mad run for the stairs. I swapped out Oliver chasing duties with Aaron W. who looked like he was ready for some time in the AC.

When Gavin’s Chuppa Holding Responsibilities were over he helped keep an eye on Oliver as well. This triple-tag-team effort worked quite nicely through the Cocktail Hour and the Reception. Between the three of us, we each managed to enjoy about 2/3 of the evening and to keep the little fellow out from under foot, quiet, and occupied.

Oliver greatly enjoyed Mike Chu’s rendition of Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance (video of it will be shared at a later date), and the scrap booking table. Oliver and I had a dance or two, then he went off with Aaron so Gavin and I could have a dance to ourselves. He also had quite a bit of fun playing cautiously on the stairs, and several people commented favorably on his stair-skills.

Mark looked handsome and Abby looked radiant, sadly I did not take any photos of Abby and Mark, or even of Gavin and I in our wedding finery. I have spoken with several people who did take photos and they’ve promised to e-mail some my way, they will be posted later with the appropriate photo credits.

We wish Abby and Mark many years of happiness together and we look forward to doing things with our “married friends.”

The above photo of Mark and Abby is from the video that was shot using our Flip video camera and was filmed by friend of the Bride, Sarah Weaver (?)

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