our weekend, we accomplished stuff!

O’s 18 month album has been updated, if you look closely you can spot him in the photo below: the baby in his natural habitat.

The nasty brown dresser from my MIL has been sanded and repainted a lovely shade of blue (a 2-weekend project), we also added some funky brushed nickel knobs. I really should’ve taken before and after photos, as it is, we just have after photos so you’ll have to imagine the nasty brown color and funky left-in-storage smell (now it reeks of lemon pinesol and faintly of paint and our garage).

We also picked up a new fan for our office today, it was on a whim to kill time between going to Lowes (for knobs) and going to In-and-Out Burger for lunch (brunch). We stopped by Home Depot in Rohnert Park and they had several nice small room fans. The assembly/instillation was rather miserable but the end result looks great and doesn’t wobble dangerously. We were going to flush-mount it, and while the box said it was possible, there were no directions about how to, and the assembly was miserable enough with out trying to make those sorts of changes.

Eventually the guest room fan get replaced, it really needs to go – it is dangerously wobbly and should never be used. We’re going to go with a small hugger fan because that room is probably the only one we can safely put bunk-beds in (enough wall with no windows or doors, thankfully O has not yet realized how cool bunk-beds are). I’d also like to put curtains in there at some point, perhaps some afternoon during nap time, I’m getting decently handy with the power drill.

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