3 years later, now with house & toddler

Three years ago today we left Boston, flew across the country, landed at SFO, loaded some of our worldly possessions into the back of my MIL’s mini-van, bought a sofa at a sketchy warehouse sale – paid cash, no taxes, no questions, bought a car and then it started sinking in that we really were going to be living in California.

We’re on our third sofa in as many years (Nick got the other two). We have the same car, a house of our own, and a toddler.

O oversees Charlie Brown's construction

The toddler and I went to Museum Monday at the Charles M Shulz Museum, this time we got the right Monday. There was a brief story time, followed by some craft projects and lots of running around exploring the museum. The courtyard was a big hit. We also attempted the decorate-the-rock project, it was a bit of a gluey mess, the end result is somewhere in the bottom of the diaper bag wrapped in our admissions receipt.

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