O’s Pants & their “Special Relationship” with Gravity

O is tall and skinny, he would not have been picked as a model for Alexandre Cabanel’s The Birth of Venus as a chubby cherub, nor is he likely to adorn a jar of Gerber Baby with his sharp chin and elfen grin. On the upside, due to a sizing glitch when I ordered off the internet, he’s been wearing much of same clothing for several months now (nearly 9 months), on the downside, his pants continue to have a very “Special Relationship” with Gravity.

In the beginning we cuffed the legs and cuffed the waist bands, then just the legs, now we don’t cuff anything. I’ve retro-fitted several of the draw-string pants with elastic to keep them up, but jeans and other such pants have continued to elude a simple solution, cuffing the back under makes them look strange and bunches the diaper.

I e-mailed around to my collection of More Experienced Mom Friends, there were several helpful suggestions: overalls, taking pants in, and a getting a belt. O does not always like wearing overalls, some days he pulls at the bib and wails, or he tries to unlatch them – sometimes with great success – which then leaves him in just a t-shirt and diaper as they slide right off. Taking pants in would require sewing, and while I can retro-fit drawstrings with elastic, I don’t quite feel comfortable with anything beyond that (yet), so I was left with the belt option.

I’ve been looking at baby belts for a while now, but they are hard to find, and when they are found they are usually vastly over priced for what they are: a bit of belt hardware (usually D-rings) and some ribbon.

I can make that!

Today, O and I went to Joann Fabric and my quest for gravity-defying pant solutions commenced. I found some d-rings and some belt hardware (little plastic snap things like the restraints on his booster seat) and some 3/4 inch grosgrain ribbon. Then I came across Dritz “Fashion Fit Clip” which is designed to “Improve the Fit of your Garment.” Apparently it can be used to help take in slack in blazers and blouses and can be embellished (they look very similar to mitten clips).

The “Fashion Fit Clip” works nicely to take in the extra slack in the back of O’s jeans. I clip it on one belt loop, under the middle one and to the other. It is not a drastic reduction, but the jeans no longer slide right off his butt when he climbs the stairs.

Fashionably Clipped

This afternoon, I made a few prototype belts. The d-ring belt is fiddily and O does not sit still long enough for me to put it on him, the plastic-click belt seems to work much better in that regard, although it is trickier to get through the small belt loops. Eventually I hope to figure out how to work the sewing machine my MIL gave me so I can sew the ribbon together (right now they are held together with fabric glue), and I need to make the fraying ends a bit nicer.

homemade baby belts

I bought ribbon in dark olive-green, dark brown and black so I have plenty of ribbon to experiment with. I have 3/4″ d-rings and 1″ d-rings as well as a second plastic clip thing. Hopefully these will go from working prototypes to fray-free nicely finished belts soon, perhaps during the next round or two of nap time.

One thought on “O’s Pants & their “Special Relationship” with Gravity

  1. Neat clips. Looks like they work. Sewing the ribbon for the belts shouldn’t be difficult.
    Have fun with these little domestic challenges. : )

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