Macbeth & the Zombie Clowns

This evening Gavin and I had a date, we spent a few child-free hours viewing Macbeth at Ives Park. We arrived on the early side, staked out a piece of ground with our blanket, enjoyed a picnic dinner and chatted with our fellow theater goers.

I had never seen Macbeth in its entirety, nor had I ever been forced to read it for class, so I skimmed the synopsis twice so I’d have an idea of what was going on.

English majors and lovers of Shakespeare may want to stop reading now.

Then the Zombie Clowns showed up.

The synopsis did not mention Zombie Clowns, there were witches, there was an ambitious wife, there was a man who was untimely ripped from a woman, but there were no Zombie Clowns.

It started with two Clowns (which was a little odd), then when someone died, they got resurrected by the Clowns, donned a clown nose, and started to behave rather oddly. This posse of newly-dead Zombie Clowns went on to “kill” and resurrect other cast members to their group, tormented Macbeth and assisted Lady MacB in her death, and were generally very very creepy. By the end of the play only five people had escaped being turned into Zombie Clowns.

There were several theories on the Zombie Clowns, several people thought the troupe was trying to lighten the mood because there were “lots of children in the audience” (kids 12 and under were free), others simply noted it was a “different approach” and noted it was “very Sebastopol” (they were dressed like Hippy Zombie Clowns).

I think I managed to follow the play decently well: Clowns told MacB he was going to be king (or something like that), so he tells his ambitious wife, they kill some people, she kills herself in a fit of madness, and then MacB is killed.

I’m still not sure why this had to be made into a play, but I also took issue with the merits of reading Julius Caesar.

Gavin has decided that we are going to rent the version of Macbeth starring Ian McKellan and Judy Dench, apparently it is devoid of Zombie Clowns. We have also decided that we are going to invest in some little folding chairs before we attend any more theater at Ives Park, our picnic blanket is nice, but the ground is hard, and little folding chairs are just so cute!

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