screen door!

At long last we have a screen door!

This may not seem like a Big Deal to many of you, but getting one has been on our To Do List pretty much since we moved in. We’ve returned a total of three to Lowes/Home Depot because they simply did not fit, and finally caved and called Sequoia Glass. They came out, measured the door and a week or so later they came back and installed it for us.

Captive Behind the Aluminum Curtain

At our request, they added a pet grate so the baby can pound on the door with out ruining the screen. The screen fits nicely and does everything a screen door should: it keeps the baby in, the bugs out, and it latches!

from inside

The pet grate is low enough that it does not obstruct our lovely view.

from outside

One thought on “screen door!

  1. That is neat.
    wish we’d had one years ago…
    my Dad would not have tried to walk right through the screen… ’cause he didn’t see it.
    Neither would my Mom have tried to walk through the “new” screen door 10+ years later.

    IRene & Pete

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